Our Silent Ally in the Fight against Climate Change

By Osoro Naftaly & Godfrey Wafula

Climate change is currently an issue attracting global need for urgent action. Several
measures have been put in place to deal with its impacts; such are as efficiency improvement
and clean energy technologies among others.
Globally, soils are often seen as dirt, because they are hidden below-ground, out of our sight.
This important resource is rarely known when it comes to helping meet the challenges brought
about by climate change. Soils store atmospheric carbon as organic stocks and it’s the second largest
carbon sink after oceans.
It has the ability to sequester carbon and hence holds the power to mitigate climate change by extraction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is essential to appreciate that the ground beneath our feet is more precious than we know and therefore promoting sustainable soil management is essential in addressing climate change. Adopting soil management practices is critical in
preventing erosion, retention of water, reduction of flood risk and storage of high amount of carbon.
Increasing soil carbon sequestration at global scale represents one of our strategies in the fight against
climate change. Our best ally therefore at cooling the planet might be right under our feet!

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