Ministry of Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Mr. Keriako Tobiko has said that Kenya has made considerable progress in phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) in most applications.

The CS said that the country has in most of the operations, adopted ozone – friendly alternatives and technologies, and further moving to adopt both ozone and climate friendly technologies in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning sector.
In a speech read on his behalf by Environment Principal Secretary Ms Betty Maina during International Day For The Preservation of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Kenya Meteorological Department., Tobiko said the day aims to increase awareness of ClimateChange & Ozone Depletion.
He said that the day serves as a reminder that humans must keep up their momentum to ensure healthy people and a healthy planet.
Tobiko said that Preservation of the Ozone Layer is one of the major environmental concerns for the world and responsibility of protecting mankind’s heritage is collectively global.
On her part PS Betty Maina said ; “the responsibility of saving the earth belongs to all of us it is not solely the Government.
She said the Government has significantly reduced the importation amount of ozone depleting goods. “We should however find alternatives to the ozone depleting substances” said the PS.
In a statement read by UNEP Ozone Secretariat Commination and Information Officer , Stephanie Haysmith, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ underscored the need for cooperation to address a global challenge saying cooperation is a key instrument for tackling today’s climate crisis.
He called for shifting of energies on tackling climate change, and also  the ozone layer and stay alert to the threats posed by the illegal use of ozone-depleting gases.
WMO representative Sebastian Grey said WMO assisted in setting up of four global atmosphere watch stations in Africa located in Kenya, South Africa, Morocco and Nigeria. Their role is to monitor trends in the earth’s atmosphere.
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