Ministry of Environment and Forestry Kenya Climate Change Knowledge Portal

The Kenya Climate Change Knowledge Portal (KCCKP) is a one stop repository of climate change information in Kenya. This is an initiative of the Climate Change Directorate (CCD), the lead agency of the government on national climate change plans and actions. The Climate Change Directorate, will among other duties and functions, serve as the national knowledge and information management centre for collating, verifying, refining, and disseminating knowledge and information on climate change. The KCCKP will help to link climate change actors across various sectors and their initiatives by providing a platform to address issues relating to climate change. This will go a long way in bridging the information gap amongst various actors in the climate change arena and also show case initiatives by different actors.

Adaptation fund to support climate change

Adaptation funds were established to help developing countries build resilience to Climate Change Impacts

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Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Under the Kyoto Protocol we have a funding mechanism - the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

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Green Climate Fund (GCF)

The GCF is a finance mechanism established under the UNFCCC. This fund is established to fund climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in developing countries.

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