What is Waste?

Waste is anything that people do not value anymore and would love to throw away. These things are now waste because you have no further need for them and would like to dispose them. However, waste isn’t entirely useless because there are people and businesses who’ll pay to have them. Waste will remain a part of our lives for as long as we exist. Statistics say that on average, a person produces 1.2 Kgs of waste in a day, however, this has increased to 1.42kgs a day hence becoming a daily menace in the way that is it managed or disposed

The most common types of solid waste are: domestic waste (garbage and rubbish produced by individuals and households), commercial waste (solid waste coming from business places such as stores, markets, office buildings, restaurants, shops, bars, etc.), and industrial waste (produced by factories and processing plants.

The network of Waste to Wealth was created in Nakuru in 2017 to encourage entrepreneurship in the area of recycling and compost in order to reduce the amounts of wastes going into the dumpsite as well create business opportunities to its members