Green Climate Fund (GCF) Accreditation.

NEMA is in the process of applying for Green Climate Fund (GCF) Accreditation.

The GCF is a finance mechanism established under the UNFCCC. This fund is established to fund climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in developing countries.

For a country to access the funds, national institutions must obtain accreditation as Implementing Entities from the GCF Board. In Kenya, NEMA has been nominated as one of the institutions to be accredited under this Fund. The nominating authority is the National Treasury who is the National Designated Authority for this Fund in Kenya.

The National Environment Management Authority as an accredited National Implementing Entity (NIE) for Adaptation Fund (AF) for Kenya is pursuing GCF accreditation on fast-tracked category. NEMA submitted its accreditation application in May 2015 and received the first level review comment in July 2015.

NIE has also held trainings on corruption prevention and environmental and social safeguards as part of the climate finance readiness programme by the GCF.

In response to this, the NIE Secretariat which is coordinating this accreditation process convened an inter-departmental meeting to consolidate responses to the review. This meeting was held on 29th July 2015.

Accreditation is an evaluation and interrogation of process and procedures of an institution as a whole. This meeting was vital in ensuring that the responses generated reflect the true position of the Authority. The NIE Secretariat is therefore very hopeful that the input by the various departments shall lead towards NEMA’s GCF Accreditation.

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