Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Programme

  • Component 1 : Enhancing Climate Change resilience for improved food security in selected Counties
  • ü  11,423 kg of Drought Tolerant Crop distributed in Kajiado County
  • ü  22,000 grafted mango seedlings were distributed among farmers in Kitui County
  • ü  15,300 tree seedlings distributed among farmers in Entarara, Kajiado County
  • ü   500 Bamboos seedlings planted in Kisumu County
  • ü  Ploughing and harrowing of the farm (64 acres) in Waldaa farm with 128 farmers now working with drip irrigation Marsabit County
  • ü  2 small holder Irrigation scheme (80 acres in Masinga in Machakos County serving 80 household & Thome in Laikipia County serving 400 Households )
  •  Component 2: improve climate resilient water management systems to enhance food security in selected Counties in Kenya


  • ü  Construction of 5 Water Harvesting in Makwenyeni Sec School, Karimboni Primary school and Bandari Secondary School in Kilifi County, Orkungu Primary School in Taita Taveta County.
  • ü  3- 20,000 cubic meter earth dams 1 in Wanduli,Makueni County, 1 in Gakina,Nyeri and 1 in Machanga, Embu County
  • ü  concrete weir constructed in River Ajibika, Muranga county
  • ü    12 water pans of average 15000M3  constructed 6 in Kajiado, 3 in Wajir, 2 in Kisumu
  • ü  17 boreholes drilled, equipped and solarised in Kisumu (1), Homabay (4) Wajir (4), Garrisa (2), Machakos (1), Kajiado (4) and Laikipia (1) counties.
  • Component 3 : increase resilience to the effects of rise in sea level and shoreline changes through Integrated Shoreline and Mangrove Ecosystem Management in the Coastal region of Kenya
  • ü  soil accretion control and shoreline stabilization in Jimbo and Mawembe in Kwale county
  • ü  3 km of Coral reef rehabilitation and sea grass restoration is ongoing and there have been 27 natural transfers of corals and 173 artificial transfers of corals.
  • ü  70 Ha rehabilitated by the plantimg of 224,199 mangrove seedlings in Kwale in Vanga and Gazi areas
  • ü   The National Coral Reef Restoration Protocol had been developed in both Swahili and English Versions
  • ü  GIS database and Inventory created
  • ü  9,700 seagrass seedlings restored
  • ü  )Web based information system developed for the programme hosted in the NEMA website; “”  ;                                       (b)Website Developed by CDA;                                               (c)13 project sites branded; Project banners and brochures  developed; Project activities documentary under development                                                           (d) Adaptation fund programme featured in a  national news t.v station
  • Component 4 : reduce disaster risk among targeted vulnerable communities for climate related risks in Kenya
  • ü  60 Km of Canals distilled along Nyando River Kisumu County
  • ü  Construction of 4 evacuation centers in Kisumu County.
  • ü  Construction of dykes along River Asao, Kisumu County.

Executing Entities