Desertification And DroughtDay

The World DesertificationAndDroughtDay was marked in Korolle Oasis in Chalbi Desert, Marsabit County. Communities that depend on the springs and leaders reiterated their commitment to protect and conserve the critical water resource which people and their livestock rely on.

“It is a big challenge to plant trees in ASAL areas. What we have been sensitizing people on is to do local seed collection. The native species like acacia do very well here.”

Dr Mamo B. Mamo, Director General NEMA

Desertification And Drought Day

“We know that the climate is changing and land is getting very degraded because of the increasing population of people and livestock. We are here today to work with the communities to raise the level of awareness.”

“How do we strike a balance so that people can live in harmony with their lands? It is not simple but possible with the right investments, what we call nature-based solutions, that don’t degrade the lands & give income to communities.”

I had an opportunity to visit the magnificent Marsabit National Park ahead of #DesertificationAndDroughtDay which was Marked in Korole Springs in Chalbi Desert, Marsabit County. The reserve has two crater lakes, Sokorte Gudho (Lake Paradise) and Sokorte Dikho (Elephant Pool).

Mohamed Awer