Strategic Goal E:Target 17: By 2015 each Party has developed, adopted as a policy instrument

Strategic Goal E: Enhance implementation through participatory planning, knowledge management and capacity building

Target 17: By 2015 each Party has developed, adopted as a policy instrument, and has commenced implementing an effective, participatory and updated national biodiversity strategy and action plan.


Kenya has a draft NBSAP but has not been approved however, targets in the draft NBSAP have been included and are being implemented in sector specific policies, strategies and programs

Draft NBSAP available for comments

The CHM has provided key resources for the implementation and review of the targets.  There have been various mainstreaming activities into key sectors

Kenya has reviewed and updated her second edition of   NBSAP . which has domesticated the  Aichi Biodiversity Tragers  as the overall goals  and framework towards  implementation of the CBD strategic Plan 2011-2020. In addition the National government together with county governments has developed various sector based strategies which set out action for biodiversity conservation, sustainable use  and benefit sharing mechanism. These strategies include priorities, measurers, targets, indicators  and support needed to effectively implement them in the context of  country  development needs and prevailing environmental circumstances within the sectors .

Kenya has put in place robust sectoral policies and legal frameworks with well elaborate  and defined  monitoring , evaluation and reporting  frameworks  which feeds into the overall NBSAP reporing  framework,

For instance:

  •  Species Management Strategies,
  • The Community Land Act,
  • WCMA 2013 recognition of conservancies.
  • Revised EMCA 2015-
  • Access to bio-resources toolkit,
  • Bioprospecting strategy within and outside protected area developed,
  • Masterplan for rehabilitation and restoration of water catchment areas
  • Fisheries Management and Development Act-2016
  • Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016
  • Forest Management Strategy
  • National Museums and Heritage Act
  • REDD+
  • Climate Change Act 2016
  • National Climate Change Action Plan
  • National Strategy for Achievement and Maintaining over 10% tree cover by 2022
  • National Environment Policy 2014