Strategic Goal B: Target 5 By 2020, the rate of loss of all natural habitats, including forests, is at least halved


Target 5: By 2020, the rate of loss of all natural habitats, including forests, is at least halved and where feasible brought close to zero, and degradation and fragmentation is significantly reduced


Kenya’s Constitution and Vision 2030 require forest and tree cover to be increased to at least 10% of the total land area

policy responses include the National Environment Policy 2013 (Pg 36), National Strategy and Action Plan for the Management of Invasive Species in Kenya, The Plant Health Protection Act Cap 324, Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority Act. No. 13 of 2013, Environmental Management and Coordination Act 1999 (amendment 2015), Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013, Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016 and Fisheries Management and Development Act 2016.

The Government of Kenya has made significant strides towards the formulation of Wetlands Conservation and Management Policy 2015 and supported the development of the Kenya Wetlands Atlas (2012) which maps the country’s wetland resources.

The National Mangrove Ecosystem Management Plan covers all gazette mangrove forest reserves in Kenya and is implemented over 10-year period (2017 – 2027). This management plan addresses the lack of ecosystem-based management approaches for mangroves in Kenya and supports sustainable utilization of mangrove resources while enhancing biodiversity conservation and ecosystem integrity. Further, Integrated Coastal Zone Management Policy, 2015 guides actions and policies which are related to the management and use of Kenya’s coastal zone resources. This also covers the restoration of the degraded areas and the protection of the resources, the development a legal framework for the purpose of ensuring sustainable conservation and management of the deltas and estuaries; and development of comprehensive research information to aid in the proper conservation and management of said ecosystems

Rehabilitation initiatives of ecosystems( Mau, Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, Cherengani, Nandi) in progress

Protected Areas – with 8 PAs (Chepkitale National Reserve, Mount Kenya National Reserve, Nyambene National Reserve, Lake Simbi  National Sanctuary, Naivasha  National Sanctuary, Ondago Swamp National Sanctuary, Lake Kanyaboli National Reserve and Lake Elementaita National Sanctuary) declared since year 2000 with a total area of  Squire Km 3017

Development and implementation of the National action of UNCCD

Project on mapping and recovery of wildlife migratory corridors initiated

Establishment of  wildlife conservancies by private and community land owners promoted

Management of invasive alien species (IAS) initiatives

Economic use  and management initiatives of IAS

One new Ramsar site designated (Tana delta) and nomination of  three World Heritage Sites three Rift Valley Lakes – Lakes Elementaita, Nakuru and Bogoria

Reclaiming land for the protection of forests (Ngong forest, Michuki park , City park)