RCEs Stakeholder Awareness meetings on Biodiversity CHM Website

Photo: Participants in Kakamega ,Western RCE

A series of sensitization meetings were conducted in 3 different Regional Centres of Experts RCEs in the month of November 2017 with the main objective of raising awareness on the existence of Clearing House Mechanism CHM and the need to use it as an biodiversity information platform.

The meetings were held in Kakamega for the Western RCE under the Masinde Muliro university, Egerton University for the MAU RCE and in Kisumu for the Nyanza RCE under Maseno university .

An RCE is a network of existing formal, non-formal and informal education organizations, mobilized to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD) to local and regional communities. This is done by translating the global objectives of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD 2005-2014), into each RCE’s local context.

The main goal of the CHM Awareness meetings is to increase and improve the usage of the CHM web portal by researchers in Kenyan Universities under the RCE programme.

Kenya is rich in biological resources of about 35,000 known species of plants animals and microorganisms. Biodiversity in Kenya is important in that it offers food, fuel, medicine, shelter and income to a population of 40 million Kenyans.

The loss of habitat primarily due to expansion of agriculture, and human encroachment ranks among the most significant threats to biodiversity conservation. Currently knowledge of species and genes is still inadequate. In most cases biodiversity information is hardly updated and not easily assessable by researches and learners.

The specific objectives of the meetings were to:

  • Increased use of the CHM website as a biodiversity information exchange platform. by the RCEs
  • Increased number of visits to the CHM website
  • Increased number of inventory of biodiversity datasets information available on the CHM website

Photo: Joseph Masinde,CHM desk officer making a presentation in Kisumu.

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