National strategy

The revised NBSAP 2019-2030 demonstrates Kenya’s continuing commitment to meeting and acting on its obligations to protect our biodiversity for the benefit of future generations through a series of targeted strategies and actions. It is a concrete effort on
the part of those at the forefront of protecting biodiversity in Kenya to clearly identify the challenges we face, to lay out the actions we will take and, moreover, to hold ourselves to a wide range of forward looking and ambitious commitments at local, regional and national level.

Biodiversity conservation planning is complex, transcending disciplines cutting across several institutions and individuals. The development of this Updated National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan required contribution from a range of actors and contributors to ensure that a super bio-diverse country such as Kenya is able to sustainably conserve and protect its biodiversity

Note: The Updated National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) is still under development

Please send your comments to Cyrus Mageria : Ministry of Environment and Forestry

OR Joseph Masinde National Environment Management Authority

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