National biodiversity GEF projects


Approved National Projects (13)
GEF_ID Country Project Name Focal Area Agency Project Type GEF Grant Cofinancing Status
18 Kenya Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Biodiversity World Bank MSP 725,000 3,193,000 Project Closure
50 Kenya Tana River National Primate Reserve Conservation Project Biodiversity World Bank FP 6,200,000 942,000 Project Closure
139 Kenya Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan and First National Report to the CBD Biodiversity World Bank EA 157,000 0 Project Closure
796 Kenya Lake Baringo Community-based Integrated Land and Water Management Project Biodiversity UNEP MSP 750,000 200,000 Project Closure
1371 Kenya Support to the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework Biodiversity UNEP MSP 510,879 108,658 Project Closure
1772 Kenya Assessment of Capacity Building to Conserve Biological Diversity Participation in the National Clearing House Mechanism and Preparation of a Second National Report to the CBD (Add On) Biodiversity UNEP EA 244,000 50,000 Project Closure
1999 Kenya Wildlife Conservation Leasing Demonstration Biodiversity World Bank MSP 727,270 505,000 Project Completion
2237 Kenya Developing Incentives for Community Participation in Forest Conservation through the Use of Commercial Insects in Kenya Biodiversity UNDP MSP 1,000,000 2,250,000 Project Completion
2848 Kenya Improved Conservation and Governance for Kenya Coastal Forest Protected Area System Biodiversity UNDP MSP 800,000 2,290,000 Project Completion
3693 Kenya Strengthening the Protected Area Network within the Eastern Montane Forest Hotspot of Kenya Biodiversity UNDP FP 4,500,000 11,000,000 Under Implementation
4549 Kenya Support to Kenya for the Revision of the NBSAPs and Development of Fifth National Report to the CBD Biodiversity UNEP EA 290,909 400,000 CEO Approved
4827 Kenya Enhancing Wildlife Conservation in the Productive Southern Kenya Rangelands through a Landscape Approach Biodiversity UNDP FP 3,990,909 28,000,000 CEO Endorsed
5626 Kenya Developing the Microbial Biotechnology Industry from Kenya’s Soda Lakes in line with the Nagoya Protocol Biodiversity UNEP MSP 913,265 1,751,845 CEO Approved
Subtotal 20,809,232 50,690,503