5th National Report


The preparation of the 5th National report is being coordinated by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources  Kenya has involved stakeholders in the preparation of their national report, including NGOs, civil society, indigenous and local communities, business, and the media.


The main parts of the report
Part I: An update on biodiversity status, trends, and threats and implications for human well being
This part should answer the following questions:
Q1: Why is biodiversity important for your country? Please elaborate on the importance of biodiversity by highlighting contributions of biodiversity and related ecosystem services to human well-being and socio economic development, using information from completed and ongoing biodiversity assessments or studies. Where possible provide estimates of economic, social and cultural values (the economic value can be presented in monetary terms or, for example, in numbers of people supported). Also highlight a few examples of exceptional biodiversity and ecosystems in the country.
Q2: What major changes have taken place in the status and trends of biodiversity in your country?

Q3: What are the main threats to biodiversity?

Q4: What are the impacts of the changes in biodiversity for ecosystem services and the socio-economic and cultural implications of these impacts?

Part II: The national biodiversity strategy and action plan, its implementation, and the mainstreaming of biodiversity

Q5: What are the biodiversity targets set by your country?

Q6: How has your national biodiversity strategy and action plan been updated to incorporate these targets and to serve as an effective instrument to mainstream biodiversity?

Q7: What actions has your country taken to implement the Convention since the fourth report and what have been the outcomes of these actions?

Q8: How effectively has biodiversity been mainstreamed into relevant sectoral and cross-sectoral strategies, plans and programmes?

Q9. How fully has your national biodiversity strategy and action plan been implemented?

Part III: Progress towards the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets and contributions to the relevant 2015 Targets of the Millennium Development Goals

Q10: What progress has been made by your country towards the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets?

Q11: What has been the contribution of actions to implement the Convention towards the achievement of the relevant 2015 targets of the Millennium Development Goals in your country?

Q12: What lessons have been learned from the implementation of the Convention in your country?

Download the Fifth national report for Kenya