World Environment Day Message from Principal Secretary

Dr. Chris Kiptoo, CBS

This year’s world environment day theme is advocating for a better understanding of earth’s triple planetary crisis – climate change, biodiversity conservation and pollution.

Since Stockholm 1972, Kenya has continued to face many environmental challenges that include:

  • Forest loss and degradation, caused by the demand for timber, fibre and fuelwood.
  • Pollution and sedimentation of our marine environment often caused by discharge of waste, chemicals into the ocean, land clearance and increased soil erosion and intensive recreational use or coral mining.
  • Pollution municipal sewage and industrial effluents, overgrazed by domestic animals and land conversion to arable uses.

The Government through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry is doing all in its might to tackle the issue of earth’s triple planetary crisis – climate change, biodiversity conservation and pollution. The Ministry is committed to contributing to the global effort of implementing actions and deliverables toward a clean, healthy and sustainable environment and achieving the 2030 Agenda. The Ministry has been able to initiate sustainability programs which include;

  • Kenya water towers protection and climate change mitigation
  • Natural forest Conservation
  • Mitigation and management of soil loss
  • Lake Naivasha Catchment Management
  • Lake Victoria Basin management
  • Nairobi River Rehabilitation and Restoration,
  • Urban rivers, Catchment Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Reduced Deforestation and Degradation + Readiness (REDD+),
  • Suswa-Lake Magadi Ecosystem and Environmental Restoration,
  • Tree planting to achieve 10% tree cover.
  • Solid Waste Management and
  • Farm and dry land and forest development

We also note with great appreciation that the Ministry has been helping the government with the implementation of national government flagship projects.

Tackling the issue of earth’s triple planetary crisis is generally a costly undertaking and the Ministry will continue sourcing for funds to invest in managing the triple planetary crisis from private finance, where capital is managed mainly to earn a financial return for the investor. We shall continuously explore public finance where funding comes from the government bodies including international donor support among others.

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