Conserving Ondiri Swamp

NEMA staff, Friends of Ondiri and NCIA during a tree planting exercise at Nyongare River, Kikuyu

World Wetlands Day national celebrations preparations are under way. The day shall be
marked on 22nd February 2022 under the global theme “Wetlands Action for People and Nature”.
This is a day dedicated to celebrating wetlands and disseminate wetlands knowledge. The theme recognizes
that wetland ecosystems are natural habitats supporting human livelihoods and biodiversity hence immediate
and appropriate actions are necessary to conserve and protect the wetlands.
NEMA has been involved in various actions geared towards protecting the integrity of wetlands in the
country, among them restoration activities, enforcement actions and policy guidance.
NEMA joined the National Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) and Friends of Ondiri in planting
1000 tree seedlings long Nyongera river which is a tributary of Ondiri swamp on 14th October 2022.

The swamp forms the headwaters for Nairobi River which is a major source of water for Nairobi and
Kiambu Counties. This event complements the efforts to protect Nairobi River basin which has been ongoing
with support by Ministry of environment and other organizations. During the tree planting event, NEMA was represented by Mr. Katua, Deputy director CMF. He informed the participants that NEMA is focused to see that wetlands
in the country are conserved for posterity. He thanked NCIA for their support in tree planting and challenged
them to do more in future as the environment is a responsibility of all citizens.
Mr. Wambua, Communications Director NCIA mentioned that the 1000 seedlings support is part of
the organization’s CSR for this year. NCIA is committed to support environmental initiatives in future for the
benefit of humanity. They look forward to partnering with NEMA in more initiatives in the future.

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