Restoration of Hurri Hills in Marsabit Hills

NEMA DG Mamo B. Mamo planting a tree
at Hurri Hills Primary School in Marsabit

Communities living in Hurri Hills have been urged to plant trees to restore the dying water tower. Speaking during a tree planting
ceremony on 27th November 2020 at Hurri Primary School, Environment and Forestry CS Keriako Tobiko has told the community to plant trees in there homes, forests and in public institutions. “In the past, we used to say when you cut one tree, you plant two, but that has changed and we are saying she you cut one, you plant ten,” the CS said noting that this will lead to achievement of 10 percent tree cover.When the locals settled there in the 1960s, the hills were known as “ BataHurri” in local dialect loosely meaning “forest of mist”, with persistent destruction of forests over the years the place is now known as “Hurri” as the forest if gone. Hurri Hills is a gazetted water tower. However, the tower has undergone massive destruction of trees and overgrazing from the locals that has lead to drying
of rivers and other water sources. He remarked that efforts by individuals to adjudicate part of the forest is futile as the government has already taken over the iconic tower. The CS was accompanied by NEMA Director General, Mamo B. Mamo who expressed c

oncern at
the rate on which the tower was being destroyed. He narrated how the community the tower was full of trees but now remains a shadow of former self wi

th only grasslands. “Planting trees is the easier part, nurturing them to maturing is the hard part, Mamo stated as he urged the school management to engage the pupils in growing of the trees by making each student adopt a trees.
During th

e exercise, 5,000 trees were planted. The event was attended by heads of other public institutions and private sector representatives

Environment and Forestry CS, Keriako Tobiko planting a tree
at Hurri Primary School with pupils at the school

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