Nurturing partnership with the media

NEMA Staff with the journalists during the training at Burch Resort, Naivasha [PHOTO: A. NGUSU/

By Albert Ngusu & Adrian Yegon

Kenya has been faced by myriad of environmental challenges; from climate change, waste management, plastic bags menace, illegal industrial effluent discharge and pollution of rivers and general environment.
Whereas some of these challenges are being handled, Kenya is still grappling with most of these problems. Therefore, there is need to create more synergy in educating the public on the importance of taking care of the environment as one’s responsibility. Media are critical partners in creating awareness on environmental matters in the country. Towards this, NEMA undertook a media workshop on environmental coverage in the country from 20th to 21st February 2020 at the Burch Resort in Naivasha

The training aimed at nurturing partnership with the media for effective coverage of environmental issues in the country.
The workshop also provided a platform for the journalists to raise some issues that they felt were still ignored or not acted upon by Nema and maybe come up with solutions or half-solved.
During the workshop, it was agreed media should not only publish negative stories about the environment but should also endeavor to inculcate good values to Kenyans.
The media will help in covering stories on the environment and be of great assistance in combating environmental crimes and prosecution of those responsible for violating the Environment Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA). Moreover, most of the public are not aware of
some devolved environmental functions and those still under Nema especially noise pollution and waste management. To create a better understanding, there were various presentations on NEMA Mandate and functions ranging from compliance and enforcement, coastal marine and fresh waters, legal services, field operations and State of Environment Reports. The media will also help the
Authority to enhance its image through positive coverage of its activities throughout the country.

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