Abandoned quarries a threat to humans

Abandoned quarry

Quarries for Stone mining and Murram extraction have become rampant in most parts of the Kenya due to rapid growth in infrastructure developments that have increased demand for these raw materials. They are becoming detrimental to existing habitats. When quarries are no longer needed, they should not be left as they are. Their rehabilitation is essential and can assist in the recovery of these areas. Rehabilitation requires careful planning to ensure that the recovered site is functionally integrated and complements the surrounding natural environment. Ideally, quarry rehabilitation emphasizes the creation of naturalized landscapes that are designed for biodiversity and are compatible with surrounding lands. Their decommissioning should aim at designing and
implementing a rehabilitation plan for that accounts for biological and ecological needs aligned with social
and educational benefits. Ecological rehabilitation of the quarry with a special focus on restoring original
ecological functionalities of the site is necessary.
Quarry rehabilitation and site restoration success lies in the innovative approach followed integrating ecological,
social and technical aspects. Environmental Consultants will be responsible for designing and technical guidance
to contractor implementing rehabilitation plan while the ecological expert will be in charge of coordinating
the compilation of biodiversity and ecosystem functionalities and including them in the design of the
ecological rehabilitation plan. Progressive rehabilitation of the quarry will take place
with backfilling, Cliff Scarification Stabilizing of rehabilitated areas and land forms and Re-vegetation
with native trees and grasses. Through creative restoration planning, mineral extraction
offers the opportunity to improve the environment in and around quarry sites or to create new land uses.

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