GEF Project coming to an end—Strengthening the Protected Area Network of the Eastern Montane Forest Hotspot of Kenya

This four year project, 2011 to 2014 will soon come to an end and will see increased coverage and strengthened management effectiveness for forest in western and North Rift Kenya. These regions of Kenya have several small areas that are part of the Eastern- Afromontane Hotspot that stretches from Saudi Arabia in the north to Zimbabwe in south-central Africa. These areas within the hotspot have remarkable levels of biological diversity, but are also highly threatened. Nature Kenya is coordinating the implementation of this four-year GEF/UNDP supported project.
In Kenya, the Hotspots includes the West Evergreen/ Hill forest to the west of rift valley, as well as outlaynng volcanoes (Mount Kenya, the Abadares Ranges ) to the east of the Rift
The protected areas the project targets are Kakamega Forest, North and South Nandi Forests and the Cherangani Hills Forests. Un protected sites, termed “Community conserved Area” or CCAs, will be selected after ongoing assessment of private and community forest areas. For both the protected forests and selected CCAs, the project will support a suite of actions linked to participatory forest management – including capacity building, management planning, forest and biodiversity monitoring, forest rehabilitation, and local livelihood initiatives.